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Scrubbing System

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Scrubber Dry System

State of art technology acid fume (plate) scrubbers are offered, which are most effective equipments for scrubbing water soluble gaseous pollutants. In this device the foul gas is brought in contact with water so as to dissolve the contaminant and thus the gas stream is cleaned.

Its Important features are:

a. Compact design.
b. Simple & Reliable Operation.
c. High Scrubbing efficiency
d. Suitable for high or low concentrations of pollutants.
e. All static construction, so easily maintainable.

We also provide conventional Packed / Floating bed Scrubbers in Vertical as well as Horizontal Versions. The material of construction for the above types of scrubbers could be either Metallic or all Synthetic (PP/PVC+FRP).

The gases containing the fumes enter the scrubber from the bottom. It starts going up through the media chamber, due to the suction effect created by a blower.

The scrubbing liquid, generally water, flows down from the top, in the opposite direction. The water flowing down and the gases going up are thoroughly mixed in the packed bed section / media chamber, which generally contains raschig rings of suitable material that are randomly distributed. These rings help in complete mixing of gases and the water by creating a larger surface area of contact and thus, more residence time. The quantity of packing material depends on the concentration of the gases. The scrubbing medium can be any fluid that will help in neutralizing the fumes. The cleaned gases escape from the top while the scrubbing fluid falls to bottom tank, re-circulated for scrubbing.

Scrubbing System Video

Scrubber Wet System